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3 In 1 Sale Offer

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  • 500 Gram Sugai
  • 500 Gram Mabroom
  • 500 Gram Sukri
  • 45 Ml Abe- Zam Zam


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Premium Dates from Medina’s Dates :Buy the Best Online Shopping Khajoor and Get 50ml Abe-Zam Zam Free!

Are you searching for the best dates in Pakistan? Look no further! We offer a wide range of premium quality dates straight from the holy city of Medina, Saudi Arabia. Whether you’re a fan of Ajwa, Mabroom, Kalmi, Safawi, Sukri, Sakri, Sugai, Medjool, or Amber dates, we have you covered.

Delightful Varieties:

  • Ajwa Dates:
    Known for their sweetness and meaty texture, Ajwa dates are a must-try. [Link to Facebook]
  • Mabroom Dates:
    Soft and chewy, Mabroom dates are a favorite among connoisseurs. [Link to Instagram]
  • Kalmi Dates:
    Enjoy discounted Kalmi dates with their soft and fruity taste.
  • Safawi Dates:
    Safawi dates boast a unique flavor profile and are widely loved in Pakistan.
  • Sukri Dates:
    The queen of dates, Sukri Khajoor, is a symbol of luxury and taste.
  • Sakri Dates:
    Experience the perfect blend of salty and sweet in Sakri dates.
  • Sugai Dates:
    Sugai dates offer a toffee-like taste that’s simply irresistible.
  • Medjool Dates:
    Renowned for their size and quality, Medjool Khajoor is a top choice.
  • Amber Dates:
    These large, sweet dates from Madina Shareef are a true delicacy.

Why Choose Us:

At [Your Website], we ensure you receive the freshest dates, imported directly from Madina, Saudi Arabia. We offer the convenience of online shopping with delivery all over Pakistan. Plus, we have a unique policy: “Check the parcel, then pay.” Your satisfaction is our priority.

Best Deals and Combos:

  • Don’t miss our special combo offer of Ajwa and Mabroom dates.
  • Indulge in the perfect blend of Kalmi and Safawi dates.
  • Grab the best deals on Sukri and Sugai dates.

Experience the Essence of Madina:

Our dates come with the authenticity and richness of Madina’s soil, making them truly special. We invite you to explore the sweetness of Madina with every bite.

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Enjoy the Taste of Madina – Order Now!

For the best quality Madina dates and hassle-free delivery all over Pakistan, [Order Now]. Experience the divine flavors of Madina, and savor the goodness of nature.

First Check, Then Pay:

Your satisfaction is our priority. With us, you can check the parcel upon delivery and pay after satisfied. Trust in the quality of our dates and order with confidence.

500 Gram Sugai
500 Gram Mabroom
500 Gram Sukri
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    well packed timely dilivered and genuine product

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    Mene pehle b buy ki the achi hain and fresh hain

  3. irfan

    fresh product and arrived very soon

  4. qazi

    Amazing product. Deleivered on time

  5. Alisha

    boht hi acha bilkul fresh Aya hai thnx

  6. Sanjay

    good deal

  7. Dileep

    original and good in packing

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  9. Bilal

    Good Product well packed immediate delivery
    good experience

  10. amjad

    Everything was perfect price quality delivery. Well done

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