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Amber Jambo

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Amber Dates from Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Amber dates, a unique and sought-after variety cultivated in the heart of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the city of Madina. These soft and fleshy dry dates have earned their reputation for their remarkable size and distinct character.

Renowned Size and Exquisite Flavor

Amber dates are celebrated for their generous size, setting them apart as a distinct variety among Madina dates. With a dark brown to brownish black skin, these dates exude an aura of authenticity. The mildly sweet flesh offers a raisin-like texture that delights the senses.

Cultural Significance and Nutritional Value

In Islamic culture, Amber dates hold a special place as a holy fruit. Their inclusion in Sunnah foods during occasions like Ramadan and Iftar enhances their significance. Beyond their cultural value, Amber dates offer a plethora of health benefits. Packed with fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins, they stand as a nourishing snack with natural sweetness.

From Harvest to Your Table

Our Saudi-grown Amber dates are a result of meticulous cultivation and harvesting practices. We take pride in providing you with the finest of Madina dates, ensuring the fruit retains its natural flavors and textures. Each date tells a story of Middle Eastern heritage and culinary excellence.

Experience the Richness Today

Embrace the Middle Eastern tradition by savoring the exotic taste of Amber dates. As a symbol of Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah’s bounty, these dates encapsulate the spirit of Saudi Arabian cuisine. Remember, you can rely on us for quality – our first-rate product speaks for itself.

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Key Benefits:

  • Exquisite flavor and texture
  • Rich cultural significance
  • Trusted source for Saudi-grown dates
  • Easy and secure online ordering
  • Celebrate Middle Eastern heritageAmber dates Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Soft and fleshy Dry dates Saudi Arabia Cultivated in Madina Renowned for size Exquisite flavor Ambar dates Finest of Madina dates Dark brown to brownish black skin Mildly sweet flesh Raisin-like texture Holy date Distinct variety Large size Saudi grown dates Date fruit Exotic fruit Middle East Saudi Arabian cuisine Islamic culture Medjool dates Nutritious snack Natural sweetness Date palm Tropical fruit Traditional food Health benefits Fiber-rich Minerals Vitamins Ramadan Iftar Sunnah food Nourishing Culinary uses Desserts Gifting Agricultural product Harvesting Dried fruit
    Savor the sweetness of Madina dates, now conveniently available online! Indulge in the rich flavor of these premium khajoor, sourced from the heart of Madina and offered to you from the comfort of your home in Pakistan. Treat yourself to the finest quality dates with just a few clicks. And guess what? With every purchase of Madina dates, get a chance to receive a complimentary blessing – a bottle of pure and refreshing Zamzam water. Quench your thirst for quality and tradition by ordering your Madina dates and Zamzam water online today!

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6 reviews for Amber Jambo

  1. Abdul

    I received my parcel today, Dates quality are awesome s and fresh,

  2. Farrukh Jamil

    Received my parcel worth every rupees

  3. zahid

    I m buying 1 kg amber good quality kahjor

  4. anila

    Fresh and very nice dates at doorstep, reasonable price fast delivery

  5. naeem

    Fresh Product. Excellent Quality. Thanks Al taiba dates Strongly recommanded.

  6. fahad

    I was surprised to got everything with good quality, fresh dates are neat and clean, well packed, Price was very reasonable and is value for money, great shopping experience as always with taiba dates Thanks altaiba dates

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